Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently & Five for Friday

Whoaaaaa, double link up everyone! First up is August Currently. This is my first 'currently' linky :)

Listening: I loved watching Boy Meets World growing up. I have been giving Girl Meets World a chance but lets be honest, it's just no where near as good as Boy Meets World. 

Loving: I am so glad it's the weekend! I'm ready to get my relaxing on.

Thinking: Of course all I can think about is all the work that still needs to be done in my classroom. Also, the things I still need to buy, print and laminate. 

Wanting: I wish I could sleep in. After this week of waking up between 5:30 and 6, I can no longer sleep past 6:30 am :(

Needing: I need a massage. I traded tables with another teacher yesterday. Our janitors are behind on a lot of things due to construction at our school over the summer. They haven't been able to help any of us with furniture swaps or moving of heavy objects. Of course the teacher that I swapped tables with was literally on the opposite side of the school. Now I am so sore! Not to mention I was standing on a round table yesterday and it tipped over with me still on it and crashed down on the back of my knee. The bruise is very colorful. 

1st Day: Well the kids don't come back until the 14th, but yesterday we did a community walk and did some home visits. I was able to mee a few of my in coming firsties :)

Now for my Five for Friday...or technically Five for Fraturday.

I loaded up my car this week with ALL of my classroom stuff. I felt like I was headed off to college again. It took me an hour to unload it by myself and it was pouring rain!!

My classroom was muggy, had a weird smell and had all of the furniture piled up in one area.

I spent 11 hours at school yesterday. Yes, 11! Only 8 were spent in my actual classroom. We had an all district staff meeting. Here's what I have accomplished so far. I keep putting off my classroom library. It's kind of a nightmare. I left my room a complete mess although I don't think you can see all of the stuff all over the floor in these pictures. 

We booked our summer vacation for next summer a few days ago! We are going to Tampa, FL (to visit some family) then headed to the Hyatt's all inclusive in Cancun!! I LOVE all inclusives, for me they just kind of take the stress away of worrying about spending too much money while on vacation.

A lot of the teachers from my school are going in today to work on their classrooms. My husband and I would have been part of that Saturday work day, but he decided that we will be going to a Bronco's Scrimmage. This will only be my 2nd EVER NFL type of thing. 


  1. Rachel I hope your knee is feeling better. I am glad to hear that I am not the only clumsy one in the world. I see to fall off of chairs and up the stairs on a regular basis. I can't wait to see how your classroom turns out. Your newest follower, Julie

  2. WOW! You had a busy day yesterday! I certainly hope your knee gets better soon, and that a massage comes your way. Have a relaxing weekend!
    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  3. Your room looks great so far! I spent about 4 hours at school but about half of it was catching up with teacher friends and messing around with my sis who teaches next door. Our custodians don't help us much so we were moving furniture and my back is sore too! Maybe massage places should offer teachers discounts in August! Have a great school year!

    On the Go Teacher Mama

  4. Your classroom has a very cool shape to it. It's looking good!
    I hope your knee is better.
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs