Saturday, November 29, 2014

Five For...What Day is it?

I have been so bad about posting, but I have been so tired and so busy with school. I also was finally stricken down by the virus that had been floating around my classroom. On top of that my migraines morphed into a new type of migraine/headache that did not go away when I took my migraine medicine so now I am on new medicine for that! It's so great because I haven't had ANY headaches since!!!

We only had school on Monday and Tuesday, so with so many days off I have lost track of which day it is. I love it when that happens...until I realize that it's almost time to go back haha. Not that I don't want to go back, I miss my kiddos, but I have finally started to turn off my 6am internal alarm clock. 

A couple of weeks ago we had 6 schools days where we had inside recess. SIX!! SIX days where the kids had to be INSIDE!!! It was ROUGH! 

For Veteran's Day we did a whole unit that we were able to incorporate throughout most of our content areas. This was one of the activities I did with my class (from TPT of course). 
I was out sick for two whole days as well!! I hate being absent. It's more of a pain to make sub plans and be away from the classroom, but I was soooooo sick ugh. I felt terrible too because I had a new student come while I was absent and one of my other kiddos moved away unexpectedly while I was absent as well. I still feel like I am recovering from my virus too and its been 2 weeks since it began!
Almost everyday this is how my husband and I have been feeling after work. Anyone else feeling this way? Maybe not so much now since we are all on break...
Thanksgiving was so much fun this year. It was our first Thanksgiving without our families. We decided to do things a little different. We spent the day skiing in Winter Park. It was a beautiful day. 45 degrees, 60 inches of fresh snow, blue skies. I didn't need to wear gloves and I didn't want to wear my jacket but my husband told me I should (he's always looking out for me). I am also not a fan of Thanksgiving food. Really, I only like the mashed potatoes. My husband LOVES Thanksgiving food. He was very very sweet this year and compromised. We had tacos for dinner :) They were ot just regular tacos, they were tacos that his dad makes special. It was fun to do something different and special just us. We definitely missed our families but enjoyed the day skiing. 

Today we FINALLY decorated our apartment for Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I also love decorating. We watched Elf while we decorated (a tradition), then when we were finished decoration we sat on the couch and napped while we finished "watching" Elf.

So now it's time to write my final paper for my grad class and get ready to go back to the kids on Monday. 2 more weeks until winter break. I feel like the below is true, and you might need to scrape me off the ceiling as well. I feel like the next two weeks is going to be CRAZZZZYYYYY! We have a winter music performance, assessments, etc. Thank God my mother in law is flying in to visit my classroom for a day- I have a lot for her to help me with :)

-Mrs. W

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Whaaaattt? November already?

HOW is it November ALREADY!? I'm pretty sure August was yesterday. Although, I feel that the stores and shopping world are telling me it's time for Christmas, when Halloween was just yesterday. Speaking of Halloween, we had 0 trick-or-treaters. We had 0 last year as well, I guess kids don't trick or treat at apartments.

1. We are watching college football, and by we I mean my husband. I am sitting here surfing Pinterest of course! He is a serial channel flipper. He cannot just stay on one channel and it drives me crazy, but of course I love him for it. 

2. I grew up in Arizona so we never did Daylight Savings. Then I moved to California for school and had to experience Daylight Savings for the first time. I live in Colorado now, and of course they do it here too. Can I just say I love the extra hour? Plus it makes waking up for work on Monday easier because my internal clock is not yet adjusted. 

3. Like I said before, how is is November already??? I have been on Fall Break all week and I cannot believe how fast this week went by. I am sad, because my mom was in town and she left today, but I am really looking forward to seeing my kiddos smiling faces on Monday morning. I have missed them, but shhh don't tell them that ;)

4. Last year at this time I had already been skiing at least 3 times. It was a great ski season. This year, so far there has been hardly any snow :(. The ski resorts have pushed back their opening dates and I am SO bummed. Hopefully they get snow soon!

5. I need to get off the couch and get some Advil! I got my flu shot yesterday and I always feel headachey and just blah the day after. Sometimes I even get a low fever!

6. I don't really get to read for pleasure during the school year. Scratch that, actually I don't really let myself read books for pleasure during the school year. I am the person who will start a book and I will not  sleep until I have finished it. So I make a list of all the books I want to read and I read them during the summer. Last summer I read 10 books. Gone Girl is currently on my Kindle, but I haven't read it yet- or seen the movie so no spoilers please!!

Happy Daylight Savings!

Mrs. W

Friday, October 31, 2014

Five for Friday Fall Break Edition

I cannot believe it is already Friday! Our district has been on Fall Break all week and it has flown by! My mom has been in town visiting and we have been up to some fun stuff! Get ready for some picture overload!
I have yet to explore Colorado Springs, so we decided to do an over night trip to the springs. We went to Garden of the Gods and stayed at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort

I made some excellent fish tacos on Sunday night for my mom and husband. They were soooo good, I am making them again this week :) Here is the recipe (compliments of pinterest, once again) Fish Taco Recipe

My mom and I are very competitive and decided to play Monopoly the other night. I crushed her! Then we played last night, but this time with my husband. I crushed them both last night too! It was so much fun. I miss the days of playing board games as a child. 

We decided to have a morning of getting pampered yesterday. I haven't had a pedicure in almost a year and a half! Needless to say my feet were gross. I was slightly embarrassed and felt back for the person scrubbing away at my feet. 

Last but not least The Chihuly exhibit is at the Denver Botanical Gardens. We went to Chihuly Nights (its totally sold out) I was lucky enough to snag some tickets a few weeks ago before it totally sold out for the remaining time here. It was awesome. We got there when the doors opened so we got to see the exhibit in sunlight and at night at well. If you get the chance to see it where ever you are, GO!

Mrs. W