Sunday, March 13, 2016


post signatureI have always been awful at keeping up with diaries and journals so why did I think a blog would be any different? It has been a long time since updating....a long long long time. I just checked and my last post was about setting up my classroom- back in JULY!

Oh well, this year has been insane and I feel that it is just flying by faster than ever. Here are some highlights:

1. I looped from 1st to 2nd grade with my kiddos (Yay!!)
2. Before school started in August I saw my first "in real life" funnel cloud and it was right above our school. I was terrified!! Luckily we didn't have students that day!
3. My former boss from a job I had years ago turned amazing photographer did photos for my husband and I and they were gorgeous. We live in Colorado and I am in love with this place! (He does weddings etc and is my plug for him... you can check his work out here and here
4. I attended a family wedding in the Quad Cities and it was one of the most gorgeous weddings. Also, it was my first time to Iowa.
5.The Cubs had a great season, but in the end it was another heartbreaking season. I still love my cubbies!!!
6. Character day at school!! Me and my team decided to dress up like each of the pinkalicious books! I was Pinkalicious. It was so much fun!
7. I put on our very first Trunk or Treat at our school and it went very well for it being the first one we have ever done!
8. Top Golf opened. It will be the only golfing I ever do LOL and I'm awful at it!
9. We had a 2nd grade team bonding dinner at my apartment
10. I got my first snow day ever as a teacher (2nd one ever in my life) and it was the first one my district had called in 3 years!!
11. We went to Arizona to see our families for the holidays
12. Went snowmobiling ...this time was better than the last time, which was on the back of a ski patrol snowmobile.
13. Skiing is always a highlight
14. Visited Nashville, TN for the first time ever and it's now one of my favorite places
15. Another snow day cancelled school & parent teacher conferences so I was able to go to the Blackhawks game when they were in town!
16.WE ARE MOVING!!!!!!!! We are off on yet another adventure! Jeff  has taken a new job in the Chicago suburbs! For now he will work out of the Denver office, then when the school year is over for me we will move and start a new chapter of our lives in the Chicago suburbs in June. We are very excited but also sad because we have made so many great friends in Denver and fallen in love with this city! We are grateful for all of the friendships and look forward to continuing them even from afar because we will definitely be back come ski season.
17. I went to a job fair out in Illinois for teachers (NIU). Let me tell you, that was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever done. I would much rather teach a lesson in front of all those people than sit there and answer their questions. I also am more of an introvert so just walking up to random people and telling them all about me as a teacher and then waiting for them to say hey come back for an interview or not was soooooo not my thing. Still looking for a job if anyone has any connections....Chicago suburb area. We don't have a place to live yet, so we are flexible ish.
18. Then there's our annual Steamboat trip, which I will miss a lot once we move. I somehow managed to fall with my head facing down the mountain. 

😉. For now I will finish up my school year at Vaughn but would appreciate if anyone has any teaching contacts in the west suburbs of Chicago, as I am/ will be looking for a new school to call "home". I am going to miss my Vaughn coworkers, a lot have become great friends and like a second family to me.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Remember that one post where I wrote that I was ready to go back to school? Ya, well I take it back! It's so bittersweet because I love seeing all of my coworkers but the thought of going back to work already work makes me twitch a little. For the past two weeks I have been in professional development, working on organizing the school literacy resource room, going to planning meetings for ELD (English Language Development) and today I began unpacking my room and setting up.

I am looping with my kids to 2nd grade, which means a room change! Actually, 98% of our building switched rooms this year. Our principal is setting it up so grade levels are not separated and stay put. So if you decide to loop, you know you are moving classrooms and you know where you are going etc. Any ways, I moved rooms. I left my large classroom and am now in a smaller classroom. I didn't realize it was smaller until I got in it today- it does have more cabinets so I guess it works.
Working in my  classroom today started out great and then I decided that I needed to get rid of the boxes that were piled up. So now everything that was in the boxes is now on top of the tables. Everything is a mess. I spent about 6 hours in my classroom and I feel like the only progress I made was making a mess of things. 

I have also started a new grad class. It's a special education inclusion class through GCU. I am a little overwhelmed. It's only 6 weeks, but I have never taken any type of SPED class before so I don't feel very knowledgable like many others in the class are and some of the assignments are a little intimidating! 

When I got the mail today I saw that I received my first Rocksbox!! I was so excited! I love all of the pieces thy sent me. Rocksbox is a subscription and you get 3 pieces of jewelry valued at $200+. The pieces are on loan but you get $10 of spend/ month towards a purchase so if you like some of the pieces you can buy them at a special price. You add pieces to your wishlist and take a style quiz so they know what pieces to send you. You can always retake the quiz as well. The subscription is $19/month but if you use my code: RACHELBFF625 you get your first month free!

I also got my new favorite swimsuit. I gave in a bought a Triangl swimsuit. They are neoprene swimsuits (wetsuit material). It is amazing, although I have to exchange the bottoms for a different size, but I still love it!! Now, if only I had another beach vacation to go on :(. A week from Thursday I officially have to report back to work, I'm ready but I am not.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Update and Summer Vacation!

I have not posted in so long. It is so hard to post when I am teaching and going to school, I do not know how all these amazing teacher bloggers do it and post amazing TPT products! I don't think I would consider my blog a teaching blog, there have been times where I have posted about my classroom, but I think I am going to focus more on the fun stuff in life: vacations, DIY, food, friends, adventures and life. This means, I am probably going to need a new blog design (know of anyone, because the classroom heading is just not going to cut it)..and maybe a new blog name....hmmmm...I need suggestions my friends, or do I keep it?

So it is summer break, well actually summer break is a little more than halfway over and basically I feel like it is over because the next two weeks are jam packed with professional development. Then I have one week and it's back to work for me! WHAT?!!! HOW??? I seriously do not know how summer went by so fast, yet June seriously dragged on forever (oh my gosh, do not tell other teachers I said that or I might have a mob of them coming after me). I worked a little at the beginning of summer by my original work plan for summer didn't work out because the program was cancelled, but I couldn't find an alternative because it wouldn't work with the second half of my summer...if that makes any sense. I also don't have any children- just a husband. So I didn't have much to do. We don't have a house- just an apartment so I couldn't really do DIY fixer upper projects. We also don't have a dog :( which makes me sad and because we had multiple trips planned my husband said we couldn't get a dog (unless I wanted to cancel all of our trips). I just signed up for this great designer jewelry subscription box called Rocksbox! I know, there's another subscription box out there!!! They have amazing brands like Kendra Scott, Wanderlust + Co, Gorjana, Material Fix and many more. So here's the deal. You pay $19 and you get 3 pieces of jewelry on loan that are valued at over $200. You can keep it as long as you want and send it back when you are ready for a new set! You also get a monthly credit of $10 to spend on jewelry. You can scroll through all of their jewelry and make a wish list of pieces that you want them to send to you and you also take a style quiz, which you can always retake! I really recommend it! If you decide to try it out use my referral code: rachelbff625

Any ways, we just returned from a 10 day trip. We went to Tampa, FL where my Abuela and other family members live. Then we went to Cancun! First, I grew up going to Tampa ALL THE TIME during all different times of the year, including in the middle of summer. I guess when I was younger I was blissfully unaware of how uncomfortable the heat and humidity was. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. As my Abuela put it, it was hot as hell! Granted, living in Colorado we are so spoiled with beautiful weather all the time so that is probably another reason. 

My Abuela threw my husband and I a cute 2 year anniversary party/ dinner when we got there. My Tia, uncle, cousin and her husband were there and there was tons of delicious food. 

It was our 2 year anniversary while we were there. We went to the beach and out to dinner. We also toured around and went to the Columbian in Ybor City for lunch with my cousin, her husband and my Tia. 

Then we headed off to Cancun. We stayed at the Hyatt Zilara, its an all inclusive adults only resort and I have to say if you are going to Cancun without kids and you want a relaxing and great time, go there! It was not pretentious at all, which you might think because some Hyatt's can be a little pretentious (depending on the area). It was AMAZING. Here's my review, also, disclaimer, no one is paying me or telling me to promote this resort- I just love it so much. We had the BEST vacation. It was beautiful and everyone there was so so nice. Here are some of our pictures. Oh! They also threw a HUGE 4th of July Beach Bash, which was AWESOME! Sorry, not sorry for the picture overload.

Ok, so you're thinking...why did she take a picture of the bed..well that little light brown ish rectangle...thats a window...INTO the SHOWER. You're probably thinking ew, weird! However, if you are in the shower and look out that window, you have an ocean view. 

Now that we are back from vacation we feel like we are hung over from paradise. It is sad that it is over, but secretly I was ready to be home. 10 days is a long time for this introvert to be away from my DVR and comfort of home. Man, I sound like a couch potato- well it is summer vacation...right? The worst was probably coming home and realizing that I had to do laundry and cook dinners again haha I'm only kidding....kind of. I love cooking, most days. So as summer starts to wind down, I hope that I can at least post every 2 weeks once I get back to teaching. That's a realistic goal right?  Ok sad confession before I end this...I am quickly scanning my Facebook to see if there are pictures of anything else exciting that has happened in my life since I had last posted...who knows when that was because I didn't even look, because I don't even want to know. Also, I know my blog is full of run ons, but that's only because I get SO excited when I type my entries!! 

Ok so I scanned through my pictures! I guess I can report that my life is not that exciting. We did move though (silly me how could I have forgotten about MOVING!) We moved from our little one bedroom 1 bathroom apartment 2 buildings over in the same complex to a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit. The day we moved (middle of May, keep in mind) it started out raining then it turned to snow....8 inches of snow...yay Colorado. 

I love this picture. It was taken at our friends house in California. I ended up loving that bench so much I bought one for our place :)

My mom visited in June

Moving from our first place...good ol' P102

We visited our college friends in California in June

Also when my mom visited in June