Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Currently

Holy wow! I cannot believe it is already October, I feel like it is just going to fly too. We have THREE. 3 whole days of teacher work days coming up, PLUS fall break! 
Listening: My biggest guilty pleasure would probably be all of the Bravo shows I watch. Now that all the fall shows are back I have pushed my Bravo shows to the side. Since my hubby is working late tonight, I decided to watch them so he doesn't have to suffer through it with me. 

Loving: I love fall. It is my favorite season. Probably because I grew up in Arizona and we never had a fall, then I moved to California. Living in Denver I love that we have seasons! It has been super chilly (to me at least). It is my favorite kind of weather!! It also means that ski season is around the corner!

Thinking: Our apartment is a mess. I feel like we pick it up and then we make is messy again. Its small though, so it probably isn't that messy. My father-in-law is coming to visit this weekend so we definitely need to pick up.

Wanting: I want candy corn and Reese's, however I will resist because I have finally started working out again after ....well a long time of not working out.

Needing: I need sleep. I am so exhausted. I'm tired of working 12 hour days, plus we had 3 weeks of conferences (1 night per week). It's exhausting though. I was actually on a roll, all of the parents had shown up except 1 and then tonight only 1 out of the 5 I had scheduled showed up. I am just plain tired. Plus it is harder to get out of bed now that its getting chilly!

Treat! I would love a treat, however, as previously stated I must resist!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Five for Friday on a Sunday

I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday, but on Sunday. 
Last Sunday me, my husband and his parents went to the opening day game for the Broncos. It was y 2nd Broncos game but this one was full of so much energy! It was so much fun and we won!

The weather this week was absolutely insane!!! It started out nice and warm and then by the end of the week it was snowing!!! Luckily none of the snow stuck to the ground. It was so cold, but now I'm totally ready for fall!

Speaking of fall...we were in the mountains yesterday and today. It's beginning to look like fall! I love Colorado and that there are actually seasons here. I moved here from southern California and I am originally from Arizona, so fall is really exciting for me!

We went to Grand Lake with some friends this weekend. It was beautiful. They showed us around town and took us to watch the elk. It sounds boring but it was soooo cool. The elk all summer hang out together (all the males together and all the females together). Then for about 3 weeks in September they all split up into groups and it is mating season. However, for the males who do not have groups of females they often fight to take over/ keep their group. I guess its the most active the elk are. So at dusk and dawn the male come out of the trees and gather all the female and move them to a new spot. The male also bugle. It was so interesting. This male was running around like crazy. There was also another male who approached but ran off. 

I got my September Jamberry Style Box in the mail! I can't wait to put them on, but I broke a few of my nails os I want to wait until they grow a little. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Five for Fraturday

Did anyone else feel like this short week was a really long week? My firsties are starting to tone it down a little. I think adding a class rewards jar with pebbles helped a lot! Their squirmy-ness is starting to subside and they are getting really excited about learning new things. They are the sweetest kiddos, they told me I'm funny! Haha oh what little children's compliments can do for your self-esteem. One of my students told me he wanted the boots that I wore yesterday (tall brown leather zip up boots). It may have been one of the weirdest things a student has said to me....but actually probably not. I was called grandma yesterday; I'm 25. Any who, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday, or in my case, Fraturday.

My ipads are here ALREADY from my Donors Choose projects. It was less than a week from the day I was notified it was funded to actually getting the product. I am so excited!! Now I am just waiting on some child friendly cases for them and then the kids can use them. We use Raz Kids at my school and I have Far Faria on the ipads, along with Star Fall. Do you have any other great educational apps you use in your class? I would love to hear what they are!

Last Friday my husband and I went to see Keith Urban in concert. It was his birthday present that I bought back in January. I put it on the calendar as surprise date night (so he wouldn't plan something for that day). Then he bugged me so much about it I told him what it was. It was a great concert and a lot of fun. A little chilly though! 

I have started my grad school classes for my conditions of employment. They said we would meet EVERY Tuesday from 5-8:30 (that is a LONG day for me). Luckily, we meet in person every other week and not every week. I am having a tough time getting back into the swing of my " need to do my homework and lots of reading brain". I'm pretty sure last night I was whining about my homework and then I thought, this is probably what my students do to their parents. *sigh* so it reminded me of this lovely Shel Silverstein poem: 
So along with Donors Choose, I also signed up for Adopt a Classroom through Office Depot. The other day I received and email saying that I had received a donation from Office Depot of $104! So I was able to get some supplies for my classroom with those funds as well. I love these opportunities for educators. So many times we spend our money on things for the classroom. It's nice every once in a while to get some extra financial support from great organizations. If you're looking to get supplies or some cool stuff for your classroom, I encourage you to check out Donors Choose and Adopt a Classroom. 

My in-laws are in town this weekend! My husband and his dad are off to a golf tournament and my mother-in-law and I were going to lay out by the pool but its gloomy and cold :( What happened to summer?). I am excited because she is coming to my class on Monday. My students are beyond confused though. They were like, "if you guys have the same name, what are we supposed to call her?!" SO it should be quite entertaining. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

I woke up before my hubby, so I'm watching my recorded shows from last night. Almost all of them consist of shows from Bravo. It's definitely my guilty pleasure. 
I've got to say having today off has already been nice. I was able to sleep in until 8! I am usually up between 5:30 and 6:00 am on school days. 

On Friday we had a professional development day and at the end they told us they will be starting our informal observations this week. I am so nervous because we have a new principal and of course it's always the unknown of what she is looking for and what her feedback will look like compared to our last principal. With that being said, I need to make sure I have everything 110% prepped so I can make sure I am on top of things and not so stressed out about being observed.

I would love another weekend getaway, (who wouldn't?) Last weekend it was nice to get away and have fun with family. Next weekend my in-laws are coming so hopefully I'll be able to trick myself into thinking we are on a weekend getaway LOL. 

Basically my 'thinking' portion covers this. I need to get everything ready and make a list of things that need to be done tomorrow morning that I can't get done at home. 

3 Trips:
Cancun: I am so excited because my husband and I are going to Cancun, but not until next summer. We are also stopping in Tampa, FL on the way to see my family that I haven't visited in a long time!
Vancouver: We want to go to Vancouver so bad. I have also never been to Canada and want to go.
Caribbean: We went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon over a year ago and I am determined to go back, but I want to go to a different island. 
We have a long list of places to visit. Everyone keeps saying this is the time to go when we don't have kids, the only problem is we are young and don't have the money to be constantly traveling haha so I guess we will have to wait until we are 60 haha. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Double Linky!! Go Noodle and Five for Friday!

I have not posted in a while, but I have been soooooooo exhausted since school started up. I have been working so many 11 and 12 hour days. There's just so much to do and not enough time!!!

So first up, GO NOODLE!!! My kids loved it last year so I was really excited to introduce Go Noodle to my class this year. 

First thing I had to do was set expectations for my kiddos. I made sure that they understood we need to listen and follow directions. If it is an activity where we are moving, we need to keep our hands to ourselves and stay in our space unless instructed. I was very surprised with how well they followed every direction I gave them and didn't even need any reminders!! They absolutely love Maximo, and airtime. Today we tried out the Robot dance with the chicken. They loved that one too. Here are some pictures of them Go Noodling (is that a word?). Brain breaks are so important for my students. It's good for their brains to take a break. They need that break so they can move and then refocus. Mental health people! If I were stranded on an island I would want to bring the following three brain breaks:
Flow, Maximo and The chicken with all of his great dance moves.

Now for my Five for Friday!
Last week we attended my cousins wedding in Youngstown, Ohio. Yes, Youngstown, OH. Don't know where that is? Its near Akron, OH (think Lebron). 
It was a GORGEOUS wedding.

We did a little exploring to some mill and garden thingy. It was really nice outside and we had time before the wedding. 

Ok, we had a lot of fun at the wedding :)
So a while back I decided to try Donors Choose. I didn't really promote it a whole lot, I just thought I would see what happened with it. Don't get me wrong I really wanted my project to get funded, but I'm not really comfortable with asking people for money-it's just who I am. So I posted it a couple of times and I posted it on my linked in. Today I received an email saying it had been fully funded!! I guess there was a half off deal going on. So an anonymous donor in Colorado donated and then the Bill & Melissa Gates foundation I guess covered the rest since they were running a half off promotion. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. I respect that the donor wanted to remain anonymous, but at the same time I wish I could thank them.

I did my nails school themed (Jamberry of course) for back to school night. When I got home tonight the new Jamberry catalogue was sitting in my mailbox. UH OH! I love so many of the new wraps. That's not good for my bank account!

Tomorrow we have a day without kids. Its a meeting day with professional development. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Five for Fraturday

Wow! What a week!! I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday, (or in my caste Five for Fraturday + a little more)

Since I did not get a chance to do a Five for Friday last week, this one will have some stuff from last week as well!

 For the past 2 weeks we have been getting to know our new staff, principal and assistant principal. Including our principal and assistant principal we have 12 new members to our team! That is a lot! We had two weeks of prep, team time, and professional development/dialogue. It was exhausting and wayyyyy to many meetings haha. Finally, this week on Thursday the kids came back!!! Although it was only a 2 day week with kids, I am EXHAUSTED and that might be an understatement! I have 21 1st graders and they are awesome! However, since last year I started in November, I had no idea how much like kindergarteners they still are. It is definitely an adjustment. They still need a lot of help with a lot of things and cannot do things for very long. I was so used to my practically second graders by the end of the year last year. On Thursday they all came in with their bags and bags of school supplies. It was a little overwhelming and everything was all over the classroom. Like I said, it was my first, first day of school that I have experienced.

Our staff on the buss going to the all district meeting.

Two pictures of my classroom. Want to see more? Go to my classroom reveal entry and check it out. Our fire marshall made me take down the paper daisies :( so now my table signs are the bird houses from School Girl Styles Bright Birds Collection. 

 Some of my new firsties working hard and doing a great job reading in the classroom library.

 I made the most fantastic BBQ Hawaiian Pizza that I have ever had. I found the recipe on pinterest and decided to make it. I used Pilsbury pre made thin crust dough because Trader Joe's doesn't carry their pizza dough anymore :( Here is the link if you are interested in making it Hawaiian BBQ Pizza

Last week was a busy week. My husband and I went to the Rockies vs. the Cubs game. We are Cubs fans. It was fun, we sat behind the Rockies dugout. 

Then the next day we went to the first Broncos pre season game. This was only my second NFL game I have been to and my first Broncos game. It was definitely an experience. It was delayed for a while because of lightning. So we ended up leaving at half time due to it being so late and by late I mean 9:30 haha.



Last weekend we went up to Winter Park to our friends cabin for the weekend. It was so fun and so relaxing. I love going to the mountains. It's beautiful, the weather is amazing, its quiet and relaxing. I could go on and on. It was just great to totally relax before school began.

Last, I got my Jamberry Style Box in the mail. Of course I did my nails right away :)

Also, on the first day of school my in-laws sent me the most beautiful flowers and my husband took me out to a nice dinner at North to celebrate the first day of school....and so I wouldn't have to cook :)